Redis Monitoring

Redis is a very popular key/value store used by many web applications for sessions, caching, or as a main datastore. Its lightning fast, in-memory model has three versatile modes: standalone, sentinel, and cluster.

  • Redis standalone instance runs on a single host and provides quick access to data.
  • Redis sentinel mode will provide automated failover to a secondary host should the primary be unavailable to the sentinels.
  • Redis cluster instance shards your data so even the largest datasets can be accessed with the near instantaneous response Redis is famous for.

NodePing’s Redis check can monitor availability of all three instance types. You’ll be the first to know if your Redis hosts or sentinels are offline.

The check connects to your Redis instance, runs an INFO command, and waits for a valid response. If our probe can’t connect, gets an authentication error, or receives no response, we’ll verify the outage and send notifications. The faster you know, the faster the fix, the more uptime.

Redis is often used as a mission-critical datastore. Don’t let a Redis outage go unnoticed. Use NodePing’s Redis monitoring.

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