Sendgrid’s outage impacted our notification systems

Our notification systems use Sendgrid for email delivery. Overall, Sendgrid has been very reliable and a solid service provider. Today Sendgrid had a fairly significant outage, and that has impacted the timely delivery of some of our email notifications. Obviously for a service like ours this is a big deal.

We are in the process of reviewing our notifications infrastructure to see how our failover systems can be improved to make sure our notifications always get out in a timely fashion. Our apologies to our users who were impacted by this problem.

If you have any questions about this issue, please feel free to email us at

Webhook Notifications

We’re glad to announce the addition of a webhook notification type to NodePing.

Webhooks allow you to configure our service to hit a URL when a server goes down and when it comes back up. You can configure webhooks to automate actions when a service fails or comes back online. Common uses include changing DNS settings when a server goes offline and restarting a database when it fails.

Webhooks are available as a notification type for contacts. Create a new webhook by adding a line to the contact with the full URL as the ‘address’ and select ‘webhook’ as the type. You can then add the webhook to the notification section of any of your checks.

The webhook sends an HTTP GET request to the URL you specify. You can add basic authentication and a query string in the URL. Additional information about the check, the result, and the event (up,down,first) will be injected into the query string as well. For a full list of the fields passed to webhooks, see our documentation.

Webhook notifications are now available on all Provider plans. If you’d like to use webhooks but are currently on a different plan, you can upgrade in the billing tab of our control panel. If you don’t have a NodePing account yet, please sign up for a free 15-day trial of our Provider plan at