NodePing mobile push notifications to wake you up!

We’re pleased to announce another new notification type for NodePing server monitoring. You can now receive persistent push notifications through Pushover on your iOS or Android device.

Once configured, each ‘down’ event for your check will push an ’emergency’ notification to your device and automatically re-alert every 30 seconds until it is acknowledged, up to 5 minutes.  Try sleeping through that!

Pushover notifications are faster and more reliable than SMS and are currently the only NodePing notification type that will persistently re-alert you when a check fails. Please consider switching your SMS alerts to Pushover alerts. It will also help us keep NodePing prices down as Pushover alerts are significantly cheaper than international SMS.

Once installed, simply add your Pushover ‘user key’ as a ‘Pushover’ notification type in your contact record and select that key when creating or editing a NodePing check.

For those who may be interested in viewing your check status in a native iOS app, one of our customers has created HostCheck using our API.

Let us know in the comments what NodePing feature you’ve been itching to see.

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Husband, father of 7 great kids, and code monkey at NodePing.

7 Responses to NodePing mobile push notifications to wake you up!

  1. Shawn

    I’ve been using for years BOXCAR 2 app. As soon as you download app (free), you’ll receive a custom email address. Every email you receive in that address, a notification is sent to your device (IOS for now). Very reliable.

  2. GilsonSoares says:


    Those applications are very useful for notifications. But there is ONE that was built from ground up to fire notifications: Twitter.

    All my checks has Twitter notifications and email (for archiving as NodePing don’t store logs longer than 30 days).

    Historically, few SMS and email notifications had small delays. All Twitter notifications were instantly, in my Mac or my iPhone/Android phones.

    So, in my opinion, Twitter without notifications is not Twitter.

    Do you use Twitter for notifications ?

  3. Valery says:

    Ok, I’ve installed pushover and I am ready to switch my SMS alerts to pushover alerts.
    But a question has arisen instantly:
    If I happen to be in an area with no mobile internet coverage will I be able to receive pushover alerts ?

    • snsparrish says:

      I think Pushover requires internet connectivity so if you are often in locations without Internet and need to receive alerts while in those places, you’ll likely want to keep the SMS alerts or configure both.

  4. Sam says:

    Excellent, I’ve been looking for something that’ll ignore my ‘quiet hours’ setting and wake me regardless when there’s a problem!

    Which also leads on to a feature suggestion – what would be useful is the ability to easily test my newly configured Pushover contact – a ‘Test’ button on the contact entity would be much more convenient than having to force a check to fail to see if it’s working correctly.

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