MySQL Monitoring

Last month we released our PostgreSQL check with some great features to query, verify, and track result data. We knew some in the NodePing crowd favor MySQL so we put the nose to the grindstone to power up the MySQL check with the same tasty features.

You can ensure that the MySQL database and the host it’s on are available and responding. Optionally send a user-defined query and verify the responses is within your configured thresholds.

If the expected response is numeric, you can set a minimum and maximum threshold and NodePing will alert you if it’s too low or two high. This is handy to get alerts about application login errors or pretty much anything else you can numerically log in your database.

You can also match your query response to text, either by exact match or use a regex for powerful pattern matching. Get alerts when the text you’re expecting is missing.

The results, metric or text, are saved and tracked in your NodePing check history.

NodePing’s new MySQL monitoring is available now. If you don’t have a NodePing account, please sign up for a free, 15-day trial. Be the first to know when your database is offline.

About NodePing
Server monitoring for the masses.

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