PostgreSQL Monitoring

The database is the cardinal authority of modern website content. PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres or pg, is standing among the top 4 databases in 2022. It’s free and open-source and focuses on extensibility and SQL compliance.

If your database fails, your site may be responding but that all-important content will be missing. It’s best practice to monitor your database to make sure it’s online, responding to connections, and returning the data expected. NodePing’s new PostgreSQL check has got your postgres monitoring covered.

You can ensure that the database and the host it’s on are available and responding. You can also optionally send a query of your choice and verify that the response is within your configured threshold.

If the expected response is numeric, you can set a minimum and maximum threshold and NodePing will alert you if it’s too low or two high. This is handy to get alerts about application login errors or pretty much anything else you can numerically log in your database.

You can also match your query response to text, either by exact match or use a regex for powerful pattern matching.

NodePing’s new pg monitoring is available on all plans and accounts. If you don’t yet have a NodePing account, please sign up for a free, 15-day trial. We’re confident you’ll find our PostgreSQL monitoring fast and reliable.

About NodePing
Server monitoring for the masses.

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