Multi-site checks added to NodePing

This week we’ve launched pinghosts in two additional locations with automatic rechecking across locations. So if the New Jersey pinghost reports a monitored site is down, we now automatically recheck it from Texas and California before we send notifications.

How many times we do this depends on your “Sensitivity” setting for the check. The default setting of High rechecks once from each of the other two locations. These rechecks take a few seconds each, and the notification will be sent off in around 30 seconds. A setting of “Very Low” rechecks the service ten times, and with the extra rechecking the notification gets out in around 2 minutes. A setting of “Very High” doesn’t do a recheck at all, so if any check shows the service is not responding as expected we send the notice immediately.

This addition of the multi-site rechecks is one of the features we get asked about most often, and we’re very happy to get it rolled out to our production service. We’d love to hear from you about additional features that you’d like to see in our service.

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