WHOIS Monitoring

Need an alert when your domain is about to expire?

Want to make sure your domain admin contact hasn’t been tampered with?

Need a notification when your configured name servers get changed?

Maybe you’re running your own TLD (you lucky dog, you) and need to verify your WHOIS servers are up and responding properly?

NodePing’s new WHOIS monitoring has got you covered. Our new check will verify the presence or absence in the WHOIS response for any text you specify, helping you ensure your domain information hasn’t been hacked or altered without you knowing.  We’ll also send alerts before the domain expires. You choose how many days ahead of expiration you want to receive the notifications and how you want to be notified (email, SMS, Voice call, Pushover, Slack, etc)

You can optionally configure a specific WHOIS server to query via IPv4 or IPv6.

WHOIS checks are available to all NodePing accounts starting today. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for your free, 15-day trial today and let NodePing keep an eye on your WHOIS info for you.