Check for Silence in Audio Streams

We’re happy to announce a new volume detection feature for audio streams.

Our AUDIO check is great at making sure your stream is up and running but until this update we didn’t have a way to tell if the audio playing was dead air. Silence detection is an important part of providing audio streaming and NodePing can now send you notifications if your Internet radio, podcast, or other audio stream is playing silence instead of your content.

Our volume detection samples 10 seconds of your stream and computes an average decibel level of the audio. If that detected volume level is lower than your configured threshold (-90 to 0 with a default of -45) your AUDIO check will fail and you’ll receive any configured alerts.

Dead air detection takes more resources (CPU, RAM, bandwidth) so the new feature is only available in our “Provider” plan.  If you’re a current NodePing customer and would like to try it out, please let us know and we can provide a temporary free upgrade for you to kick the tires. If you don’t yet have a NodePing account, please sign up for our 15-day, free trial and then go to the billing section and upgrade your trial (still free) to a “Provider” plan to get access to the new feature in your AUDIO checks.

For more information check our AUDIO check documentation or contact us. We’d love to hear what you think of the new feature and what you’d like to see next.