SIP Monitoring Over TLS and Websockets

We’ve added TLS and Websocket support to our SIP check.

NodePing has supported UDP and TCP SIP monitoring for many years but more SIP services are being offered over TLS or Websockets now so we’ve added support for these transports for your SIP checks.

SIP over TLS uses the popular SSL/TLS transport to secure the SIP communications. If your TLS is misconfigured or has an expired certificate, your SIP check will fail.

SIP over websockets are used mostly for browser-based SIP services. Your SIP check can also be configured to use secure websockets, which adds TLS security to the websocket SIP communication.

Monitoring SIP over TLS and monitoring SIP over websockets are both available on all accounts. If you don’t yet have a NodePing account, please sign up for our free, 15-day trial and see for yourself why those who know use NodePing.

About NodePing
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