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If it’s server migration or vacation time, it might be time to mute some notifications. NodePing has two new features to help you silence alerts.

Getting actionable alerts from your uptime monitoring to the right people and systems at the right time is an important part of service recovery. Sending unactionable notifications should be avoided as much as possible.

The first new feature is muting notifications on checks. If you know a service is going to be down or flapping you can quiet the notifications on specific checks by clicking on “Mute” in the check edit modal. None of the configured notifications will be sent while the check is muted. You can optionally have the notifications automatically re-enabled as well.

The second new feature is similar but applies to contact methods. For example, if an employee is going on vacation you can mute all notifications to a specific contact method by clicking on the “mute” link in the contact edit modal. When they return, simply click on the ‘unmute’ link to re-enable. You can also optionally have it automatically re-enable notifications for that contact method after a specific time has elapsed.

Both these feature are available now in all NodePing plans and are supported in our API, including Python and Elixir libraries.

If you don’t have a NodePing account, please sign up for our free, 15-day trial and find out how NodePing can help you maximize uptime by reducing failure response times.

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