Automated Diagnostics and Sub-minute Intervals

We’ve added a couple of new features to help you reduce downtime by keeping a closer eye on your services and getting you the information you need to troubleshoot when they fail.

Sub-minute Intervals

You can now set your check interval to 15 or 30 seconds. Shorter check intervals can detect and alert you to problems more quickly. The faster we detect it, the faster you can respond, the faster your service recovers.

Additional fees apply.

  • 30 second intervals – $0.20/check/month – only applies to enabled checks set to 30-second interval.
  • 15 second intervals – $0.40/check/month – only applies to enabled checks set to 15-second interval.

Sub-minute interval costs are calculated on active peak-usage, are post-paid, and will be charged on your next month’s invoice.

When seconds count, use sub-minute check intervals.

Automated Diagnostics

When a service fails, the first thing you want know is why.

When you enable Automated Diagnostics for a check, as soon as we detect it down, we’ll give you as much information about the failure as we have in the email notification.

For all check types, we provide any DNS resolution and full error message.

Each check type will have the most relevant data for that type. For example: HTTP-type checks, we give you the full request and response headers along with the first 250kb of data returned, SMTP checks, we provide the full SMTP conversation (commands and responses).

That info is sent in the ‘down’ email notification and saved to the event data so you can see it in the check status report.

We also trigger appropriate diagnostics based on the failure.

For timeouts and connection issues, we run an MTR from each probe that verified the failure so you can quickly see if it’s packet-loss, routing issues, or a firewall causing your service to fail.

For DNS issues, we run dig queries against all the listed nameservers for the FQDN so you can see if any are responding with expired or wrong data.

These automated diagnostic results are recorded in the event data for the check and optionally emailed to the contacts listed on the check as soon as we get the results.

This means you get fast and accurate info to help you troubleshoot, which means quicker interventions and less downtime.

Pricing and Plan Changes

Introduced with these new features is our new NodePing pricing changes and plans.

  • Personal – $10/month
  • Professional – $25/month
  • Premiere – $80/month

Additional pricing info can be found on our pricing page.

This is the second plan/pricing change in NodePing’s 10-year history. The last change was 9 years ago (2012). Our costs have risen over the years and the new features are pricey for us to offer.

Existing customers are grandfathered into their current plans/pricing but can upgrade at any time to get access to these new features.

If you do not yet have a NodePing account, please sign up for our free 15-day trial and see for yourself how these great new features reduce your downtime.

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