DoH Monitoring and DoT Monitoring

NodePing can verify that your DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT) services are available and replying with the expected records.

DoH/DoT was created to help secure DNS queries and responses over untrusted networks and is supported by most browsers and operating systems.

Our DoH/DoT check will ensure that your DNS over HTTPS (RFC 8484) or DNS over TLS (RFC 7858) servers are working correctly and if they’re not, we’ll send you notifications.

In accordance with the RFCs, our uptime monitoring for DoH uses the common DNS wire format via HTTPS GET or POST over port 443. Our uptime monitoring for DoT also uses DNS wire format over via TLS over port 853. You can include EDNS(0) OPT records in the queries as well as verify the query response. You can add custom HTTP headers (DoH-only) and sign your requests with your own TLS client certificates for authentication.

The DoH/DoT check can be found in the standard check type drop down menu in your NodePing account. If you don’t have a NodePing account yet, please sign up for our 15-day, free trial.

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