On-demand Diagnostics API and from AGENT Checks

It isn’t always obvious what’s going on when a check fails and additional information about what our probes are seeing can be helpful for troubleshooting. The NodePing diagnostic tools allow you to run several utilities to get information about what our probes are seeing. Now we’ve brought that functionality to our AGENT checks as well as a new API endpoint.

Diagnostics from AGENTs

You can now connect your AGENT checks to our diagnostics servers to run our most useful tools: mtr, ping, traceroute, and dig. Use the instructions in the AGENT software to run the diagnostic client on your AGENT. Your AGENTs will appear in the ‘location’ dropdown of the Diagnostic Tools in NodePing.

Diagnostics API

On-demand diagnostics can now be requested via our REST API. Your integrations can request NodePing diagnostics from any of our probes as well as from your AGENTs with a simple HTTP request. Please see the diagnostics API documentation for details.

If you don’t have a NodePing account, you can sign up for a free, 15-day trial and experience the fast and accurate service NodePing provides.

About NodePing
Server monitoring for the masses.

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