Exclude planned downtime from your check uptime statistics using our newly released maintenance features.

All services need maintenance now and again. Required restarts and reboots usually mean services will be offline while security patches and updates are applied. Many SLA’s and Terms of Service exclude these kinds of activities from your uptime commitments, so disabling your checks during those down times is appropriate.  You also often don’t need notifications for planned events.

NodePing’s maintenance features make it simple to manage your monitoring for planned maintenance. You can create recurring and ad-hoc maintenance that will disable your selected checks for a user-specified duration in minutes.  It will then re-enable the checks after the time you specify, and if any of the checks are still failing at that point–maybe a service failed to restart–you’ll receive the regular ‘down’ notifications.

Some examples where maintenance comes in handy:

  • If your nightly database backup causes your HTTP checks to time out, create a recurring maintenance to disable those HTTP checks for the 3 minutes it takes to do the backup.
  • If your VPS provider sends an emergency maintenance email saying they’re replacing the router and to expect some network interruptions for the next hour, you can set the affected checks in an ad-hoc maintenance that will re-enable them after an hour.

Our new maintenance features will help you maintain your SLAs and alert you right away if your checks fail after maintenance is complete.

Recurring maintenance can be set using a familiar cron expression.

You can find information in our documentation about our maintenance features and the new maintenance API endpoint.

If you don’t yet have a NodePing account, please sign up for a free, 15-day trial and see if our reliable uptime monitoring is a good fit for you.

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