What is Website Monitoring?

You have a website.

It’s the access point of your business. The bridge between you and the world. It’s how potential customers find and judge your business. They scan your landing page, consider your prices and products, and ideally, fork over their money. But what if they couldn’t?

There are a thousand and one reasons your website might be down, but that doesn’t matter to a customer. Every second your website is down is a potential customer lost, and potential income going to a competitor. How many customers can you afford to lose because they try to visit your website when it isn’t working? You need to know the instant your website goes down – a way to check your uptime. That’s where website monitoring comes in.

Website monitoring companies like NodePing periodically check your website and alert you when we can’t connect. We aren’t just some guys sitting at our computers pressing refresh every so often. NodePing has servers all over the world that can check your website as often as once a minute. If our probes cannot connect to your site, or it takes longer than you say it should for the site to respond we’ll immediately crosscheck from different locations globally and notify your contacts quickly so they can get things working again.

You can be alerted by our eight notification methods and all our plans include unlimited international SMS. With notification scheduling, you can choose who gets notified when, so the right people are alerted as soon as possible so you can get your website fixed and back up, making money.

NodePing was created by a pair of nerds who know the challenge of trying to maintain a website. We wanted to create a service that you could set and forget. We don’t have flashy graphs or cute pictures. We just quickly and accurately monitor your uptime. Simple as that.

So what is Website Monitoring? It’s what can save you from losing customers. It saves you money. Buy peace of mind by starting a free trial at NodePing.com.

About NodePing
Server monitoring for the masses.

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