Bulk Edit for Checks

Many of our customers have requested the ability to edit a large amount of checks at once. Previously, we have suggested using the API to edit checks, and while that still is a good option, we are glad to announce that we have enabled bulk check editing on our website as well. *Throws party* *Throws confetti* *Throws spaghetti*

Bulk Edit ScreenshotSigning into your account at https://nodeping.com/login.html will bring you to the homepage, where you can simply tick off the checks you want to edit, or check off the box at the top next to “Type” to select every check currently displayed on the list at once.

Then press “Bulk Edit”, next to the “Check Status” and “Add new check” button. If you forget to select any checks before pressing “Bulk Edit”, a pop-up will gently but firmly and lovingly remind you tick the checkboxes.

For Bulk Edits the dialog will show settings that you can set on all of the checks you selected.  Only check properties that are common for the selected checks are shown. As a result, you’ll typically have the ability to modify the most properties if the checks you have selected are all of the same check type.

Some fields in the Bulk Edit dialog may say “[Various Values]”.  Leaving these fields as they are will leave all of the checks you’re editing with their individual values for that field.

One important thing to note is that changing notifications will change all of the notification settings on all of the checks to whatever you set in the dialog.  This isn’t additive, so it doesn’t merge different notification settings. It replaces the existing notification settings with the notifications you select in the Bulk Edit.

After you have changed the checks, press “save” and the checks will be automatically updated with your changes.

Hopefully you will find Bulk Edits helpful. To contact us, email us at support@nodeping.com. If you don’t have a NodePing account, you can sign up for our free 15-day trial by clicking the link.


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