Cluster Check

Allow me to introduce our newest check type, Cluster.

The Cluster check allows you to group interdependent NodePing checks in order to get notifications and track availability of the group of checks as a whole. You specify a threshold of how many of those checks must be passing in order for the cluster to be considered ‘up’. If the number of those checks passing drops below your configured threshold, the cluster check will fail and send the configured notifications.

We use it to keep an eye on our Cassandra servers but you can use it for any logical group of services that are interdependent. Some other use cases:

  • DNS services – monitor each DNS server with DNS checks and then a cluster check on those DNS checks to get that very important alert when all DNS servers are offline!
  • Web servers – monitor the backend web servers behind your reverse proxy or load balancer to make sure you have enough of them available to handle the traffic.
  • SMTP – monitor your SMTP checks and know that there’s always at least one server available to receive email for your domains.

Cluster checks are available to all NodePing plans today. If you’re not using NodePing yet, please sign up for our 15-day, free trial today.


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