Probe Server Changes and Addition [IT,FR,TX,OR]

The following probe servers will be changing IP addresses on 2017/05/18:

Milan, Italy (IT) – IT is changing from ( / 2a02:29e0:1:232::2) to ( / 2001:ac8:24::40)
Paris, France (FR) – FR is changing only ipv6 from (2001:41d0:d:12ac:1:1:1212:70c1) to (2001:41d0:a:7a50:5:5:9ab9:a412)
Dallas, Texas (TX) – US is changing from ( / 2607:f7a0:2:0:ec4:7aff:fe15:dcce) to ( / 2604:6600:2000:c::2)

We’re also adding a new server to the North America region on 2017/05/18:
Portland, Oregon (OR) – US ( / 2605:ea00:1:1:d267:e5ff:fee7:51c)

We’re also removing one probe from our Latin America region:
Panama (PA) – PA (

Please adjust your firewalls appropriately if you whitelist so your checks do not fail because of the probe IP address changes.

An always current and updated list of all the IP addresses for our probe servers can be found in the FAQ

[UPDATE – 2017-05-18 11:30GMT-4] – IP changes and probe addition complete.

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