NTP Monitoring

Host clock synchronization is important for server clusters and many other services. Having a node with the system clock drifting can cause all kinds of hard-to-troubleshoot issues (I’m looking at you, Cassandra). Thankfully NTP (Network Time Protocol) has been there since before 1985 to help us keep our clocks within a few milliseconds of each other.

If you run your own NTP servers or use someone else’s for mission critical services, you need to monitor that they are up and running. NodePing’s new NTP check can make sure the NTP services you rely on are available and responding and will send you actionable notifications when they aren’t.

Alternatively, if you have a private NTP server that should not be available to the relentless interwebs, we can monitor it’s expected silence well. If your private NTP server starts responding to the world, we’ll send you an alert that the dog got out of the yard.

NTP monitoring is available on all account plans today. If you don’t have a NodePing account yet, sign up for your free, 15-day trial today and we’ll keep an eye on your NTP servers for you.

About NodePing
Server monitoring for the masses.

One Response to NTP Monitoring

  1. James says:

    Nice addition. Now, when is a responsive design coming some we can seemlessly manage our checks? When an outage happens, usually the closest thing next to me is my iPhone.

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