Monitoring results now available in JSON and CSV formats

Many of our customers monitor their own customers’ websites, or they monitor services about which they have to periodically report availability and incident statistics. Many of them would like to include status information in their own dash boards or integrate results with other data in reports. All of that calls for the data to be available in formats that can be easily used by scripts, or easily imported into spreadsheets.

NodePing has now added the ability to retrieve monitoring results in JSON and CSV format. JSON is ideal for scripting situations, such as creating your own dashboards or views of the data. CSV is great for loading the results data into your spreadsheets for analysis or creating reports for customers or management.

Both of these formats are available as extensions to our public reporting feature, which we added a while back. When you turn on public reporting, you are given a UUID that identifies that check. The same UUID can be used to access the data as a public report (you need to know the UUID, which gives you some control over who sees it, but does not require a login), as JSON output, or as a CSV download.

You can read more about these features and see some sample URLs on our Reporting page in the NodePing Documentation.

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