Server Monitoring from Europe

NodePing is happy to announce we’ve added a new region to our check locations. You can now choose to run your checks from our North American or new European regions… or both!

Website Monitoring

We’ve heard from many of our customers with a presence in Europe that a check location on that side of the pond would be a huge benefit. Thanks to our great providers, IntroVPS and RobHost, we added 4 new probe servers in the following locations:

  • London, England
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Falkenstein, Germany
  • Bucharest, Romania
Check out our FAQ for ip addresses and more information on our check locations.

We’ve also introduced the idea of a ‘default region‘ for your NodePing account. For new customers, you’ll set your default region when you sign up. Current customers have their default region set to ‘North America’. The default region can be changed in the ‘Scheduling‘ tab. When you create checks, they will be automatically run from your default region. You may, of course, decide to run any check from any region (including multiple regions and ‘worldwide’) by simply choosing the desired region from the check configuration when you create it. You can also change an existing check by selecting a different region in the check configuration at any time.

When you assign your checks to a region, they will be run from a random server in that region. If an ‘up/down’ event is detected, NodePing will immediately and automatically recheck from other servers in that same region. The number of rechecks is based on your configuration of the check – the default is 2 rechecks. After verifying the ‘up/down’ status on other servers in the same region, we’ll send out your configured email and SMS notifications.

Everything is included with NodePing so the new European region checking is already part of your flat-rate $10 a month subscription which includes your 1000 site/server checks, unlimited logins, contacts, contact groups, emails and international SMS. If you’re not already a customer, sign up for your free 15-day trial.

We’re already planning to add even more check regions to NodePing – Oceania maybe? South America? East Asia? Let us know in the comments what new region you’d like to see added next.

About Shawn
Husband, father of 7 great kids, and code monkey at NodePing.

4 Responses to Server Monitoring from Europe

  1. Steffen says:

    That’s really awesome.
    Our servers are in Germany – here’s a report screenshot of the response times before and after we switched to the new European zone:

    Nothing but amazing! Thanks guys!

    • snsparrish says:

      Thanks for that graph, Steffen. Always nice to get closer to ‘home’. Glad you’re making use of the new check servers in Europe.

  2. Mike says:

    Our servers are in France, and so are most of our visitors. This new check locations are a great news for us as well !

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