Adding Notification Only Contacts

NodePing’s monitoring service is gaining popularity with companies that in turn provide online services such as hosting and network services to small businesses. NodePing works really well for these companies, because they can monitor a large number of their own customers sites and networks at one incredibly low cost. In fact, the cost of doing the same thing with most other services would run them several times as much. This enables our customers to bundle our monitoring as a part of the services that they can provide to their own customers in a very economical way, increasing their service value at low cost. That’s a win for everybody. This group of our customers have been asking us to add features to our service that makes this work even better for them, and we have been working to do just that.

The other day we added public reports to our list of features. Today we’re adding the ability to create contacts that receive notifications, but do not have a login to the NodePing app. Together, these features allow a provider to assign their customers to receive notifications and see uptime reports without access to the providers NodePing account information.

Seeing our monitoring services in use by other service providers to enhance their own offerings is exciting for us, and we plan to continue to add enhancements for this audience. As always, your feedback is welcome.

2 Responses to Adding Notification Only Contacts

  1. James says:

    I was going to ask you about this. I run a hosting business and I’d like to offer notifications to my premium clients. I believe I can integrate this with the API – so they enter their contact details on my site, I brand the notifications with my company information and so therefore all of the monitoring appears as though it’s coming directly from us, improving my company image. I don’t understand how this is simply only $15 per month. Surely it must cost you more $ for more SMS/voice notifications?

    • snsparrish says:

      That’s a question we get a lot and it’s the biggest reason we started NodePing – it really shouldn’t cost much to do proper monitoring. I think the assumption is that is must cost much more since other monitoring providers are charging so much more but when we look at the actual costs of running our system, we do quite well, even with such a low cost. We think the better question is “Why do other monitoring providers cost so much more?”

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