FTP Check Now Looks for Files Too!

Until today, the NodePing FTP check was fairly basic but we’ve rolled up our sleeves to add the awesome sauce and are proud to announce our new and improved FTP monitoring check.


  • Monitor FTP on any port, not just 21
  • Supports anonymous logins
  • Verify FTP user logins (optional)
  • Verify the existence, or non-existence of a file on your FTP server (optional)

Detailed information about how to configure your FTP checks can be found in our documentation.

The “file exists” feature in particular can be a huge help for those who wish to do more than just check to see if their FTP service is currently running. We’ll send you a notification if that important file goes missing from your FTP service – or if a particular file suddenly appears! This can be used to receive an alert when an application error log file gets created.  Or you could write your own scripts for internal processes that trigger NodePing SMS alerts by touching files on your FTP server.

The new enhancements are available on your account now at NodePing.  If you don’t have a NodePing account, you can sign up today for a free 15-day trial and for $10 a month you can monitor 1000 servers and get unlimited email and international SMS alerts.