Monitor Streaming Audio

We’re happy to introduce our new audio check type.  Now NodePing can monitor HTTP streaming audio servers and notify you via email, SMS, and even voice alerts when your audio streams go offline.

The new audio check is available now and can be used to watch HTTP streaming audio services like ICEcast and SHOUTcast servers.  Set the target of the check to the URL specified inside your pls file.  If your pls file looks like:


Set the check target to ““.  The check briefly connects to the stream and reads the headers returned to determine if the audio steam is up or down.

Many thanks to all who gave their “+1” to this new check type.  Your feedback and suggestions help us prioritize which enhancements and new check types our development team works on. If you’ve got a need for a specific check or an enhancement to an existing check, please let us know in the comments below or email us at

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