Monitoring API, Branding, and now Voice!

We are very excited to be adding the following new features to NodePing:

NodePing was founded to provide monitoring services to a market segment that was severely underserved by other providers. Before NodePing, monitoring simply cost too much. Many monitoring services advertise low rates, but when you actually use their service you find out that in practice they cost far more than the impression their advertising gives. For those other services, actual costs are often hidden in complicated pricing formulas.

NodePing broke that paradigm by providing monitoring at a low, flat rate, with no hidden fees – one price, everything’s included.

Many of our customers have asked us to provide additional functionality. Most of our development, in fact, has been driven by feedback from our customers. Some functionality is harder to provide than others, especially because of our pricing structure. In particular, we have wanted to provide an API for some time, but our extremely narrow margin makes providing an API in a cost-effective manner difficult.

We talked to some of our customers about ways to provide this service. We also experimented some with pricing. What we learned validated our original strategy for NodePing. There is a market for these services that is not currently being adequately met by any other provider.

The new features will cause the average size of our customer accounts to increase slightly. After much discussion, we have decided to keep our pricing structure the same (one low flat rate) but in order to cover the changes we need to adjust the price slightly. Our new, monthly, flat-rate price is now $15 USD. Even with this increase, NodePing still the beats all of our major competitors prices by a wide margin.

The price adjustment will be implemented immediately for all new accounts. We aren’t changing pricing for our existing customers yet.

Thank you to all who suggested new features, offered input on the new pricing, and tested our new services. You’re making NodePing the best value in server and website monitoring in the world.

About Shawn
Husband, father of 7 great kids, and code monkey at NodePing.

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